Guidelines for Schools & Libraries for Purchasing & Using Kindles

1. Who is the target audience for using Kindles?

2. How is that decided? (Is there a schedule for teachers who wish to use the 18 Kindles with their classes?)

3. Is there a request procedure for teachers to request the inclusion of books on the school’s Amazon account? (Who is responsible for checking the availability of the requested titles? Teacher? Librarian?)

3. Will there be a standard download of titles (perhaps the classics that are taught at LRUHS) to the Kindles for classroom use?
4. Will Kindles be the center of a reading incentive program for the Green Mt. Books for 2010-2011? (That was my original thought when I requested that we purchase 12 Kindles.)
5. Will teachers have in-service training to learn about how to use Kindles more effectively?
  • Students should be taught to highlighting important passages and take notes
  • Students should be taught to transfer their notes to a computer to share with their teacher or classmates
  • Teachers use a social interface like Facebook or Twitter for discussion
6. Physical issues:
  • Will students be required to have a special permission form to use a Kindle?
  • Will Kindles circulate from the library or the classroom?
  • Can students take Kindles home?
  • Will the Kindle titles be included in the library catalog (Destiny) as MARC records, like other books, or will the librarian just maintain a spreadsheet of the Kindles and the titles they contain?